Developing a Habbo v16 server from scratch!

>NEW: Habbo Development Wiki

Hello! I like to make projects related to Java and web development, sometimes combined.

I speak both English and Spanish.

If you came here to download something, it's all in the Archive.


My current project is an emulation of the Habbo server from 2007 (V16).

I have done many web related projects in the past, most of them already dead.

One still alive is Hitholl - an v5 Habbo server as it was around 2003 running an edited version of Blunk, with a website made internally from scratch but keeping the 2003 Habbo website layout, including the original working Habbo Housekeeping.

This website is also an example - the CSS is made from scratch, and for the Habbo Wiki I made a simple CMS, in order to manage its content easily. The Releases page is also dynamic and depends on GitHub's API.


You can contact me via Twitter or email me to alcosmos at outlook dot com.